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Election 2024?

 Not sure who I should vote for... 

Trump said he grabs 'em by the pussy
Trump proudly states, I got rid of Roe Vs Wade
Trump received almost $8M while president from other countries like China and Saudi
Trump said I Like People Who Weren't Captured, and criticizes John McCain who is a real American war hero.
Trump has many pictures partying with Jeff Epstein and wishes Ms Maxwell well
Trump said he trusts Putin more than the U.S. intelligence agencies
Trump said he will investigate "Comcast, NBC, MSNBC" for treason and remove them
Trump said he will pardon Jan 6th convicts and calls them "hostages"
Trump said he will "end" the war in Ukraine in 24 hours
Trump said he hopes the economy crashes in 2024.
Trump said he would appoint judges like Clarence Thomas
Trump said that we should terminate the U.S. Constitution.
Trump said he would be a dictator if elected. 
Trump and his attorney argue that the President should have complete and total immunity, even from assassinating a political rival.
Trump said Russia should attack those UN members not paying their dues.

The only thing shocking about this list is that people will still vote for him...